About Pinoy Guro

Pinoy Guro is an Education Blog created for Filipino Teachers this will also serve as a venue for building a community for shared resources, tools, articles and latest news in the latest trend of technology in education. It aims to empower the Pinoy Teachers to face the challenges of the 21st Century Education.

With the advent of technology, internet, social media, blogging, and other ICT’s, teaching and learning process has transformed into learner centered, teacher’s role has changed into a guide and a facilitator.

From traditional books, Tablet Computers, Mobile Devices, Wireless Applications and Networks are now used to improve communication, attract more attention, increase collaboration, and provide the real learning experience with the use of digital media.

These are the challenges of the 21st Century Education. How are we going to cope up with these challenges? We need to have a weapon for this and that is professional development, trainings in the use of technology, awareness in the latest trends, open the doors for technological changes, learn how to adopt technology in the Philippine Educational System.

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